How to import Concur Expense (SAE) data into Oracle Application (GL:General Ledger)

Oracle (E-Business Suite 11i/R12) – Concur Expense Integration.

Are you using Concur cloud application for expenses and want to post expense data into your oracle application-General Ledger module?

No Problem, we can help you for this automation.

Just follow following steps to import and post Concur Expenses data into GL module.

SFTP Integration

STEP 1.  Contact Concur support team to get sftp access.

STEP 2.  Create a Monthly/Weekly/Daily expense report.

STEP 3.  Schedule Monthly/Weekly/Daily expense report and point report output to your sftp location.

STEP 4.  Write a shell (if oracle application on Linux/Unix)
or Batch program get_concure.bat (if oracle application on Windows)
4.1 Downloading Concur Expenses SAE data file from sftp location.

4.2 Calling gpg command line utility to decrypt SAE data file.

STEP 5.  Write a PL/SQL package (XX_CONCUR_PKG)
5.1 Calling shell script/Batch Program (Calling OS Command from PL/SQL)
5.2 Reading Decrypted SAE data file and dumping data into staging table
5.3 Importing GL Currency conversion rate using Web Service API.
5.4 Running data validation for GL Code Combination, Currency rate etc
5.5 Creating GL_INTERFACE data from staging table
5.6 Submitting “Journal Import” concurrent program
5.7 Sending email alert to internal users with SAE data file attachment

Now your integration program is ready to go.

Define a concurrent program and schedule it Monthly/Weekly/Daily.

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