Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Configuration for IPM/UCM

Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter (AXF)/ Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator  Configuration


The Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator (also referred to in this document as the ‘solution accelerator’) provides a set of BPEL processes, I/PM configurations, Oracle Document Capture (ODC) configurations and Application Extension Framework (AXF) configurations that can be used with the E-Business Suite/PeopleSoft Adapter for ECM to accelerate the implementation of solutions that automate the processing of invoices and expense receipts images.

The AXF provides an abstraction between the ERP UIs and the imaging and workflow functionality provided by I/PM. This allows the solution accelerator to provide one set of BPEL processes, I/PM configurations and AXF configurations that are re-used for E-Business Suite (EBS) with configurations that are specific to the EBS ERP UI extensions.

We have implemented and tested  this solution for  EBS R12 application instance.

AXF (including the E-Business Suite integration) utilizes two databases: an AXF database that is used as a configuration data store, and the E-Business Suite database that is used to store PL/SQL procedures for the integration. Each database requires a user that is configured with the appropriate access permissions. The database user requirements for each database are described in their respective sections:

Here is AXF/ Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator configuration document for EBS R12.

AXF Adapter/Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator For Imaging and Process Management


AXF Adapter, IPM, I/PM, UCM, Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator
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